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Hi!  California Classic Propliners is devoted to the Microsoft Flight Simulator simulation of the propliners flying in California, from the DC-3 to the final glory days (before the mid 1970's).   Welcome!

This page will generally be limited to post-WWII propliners that flew in or into California on a scheduled or regular charter basis, and US carriers will have priority.  (I hope others will develop similar pages for other areas and for later /earlier airliners - let me know and I'll set up a link!)  I would like to thank everyone who has built, modified, or helped with the planes and other resources on this page.

FSX, P3D and FS2020 Information:

Most of my (i.e. Greg Pepper's) FS2004 propliners (i.e. the CV-340, DC's, etc.) have been tested in FSX and P3D v1 and v2 and they work OK. They are not compatible with P3D v3 or later.  I have been converting some aircraft to FSX native format and these models are FSX, P3D, and I assume MS2020 compatible (the models, at least).  You may need to find compatible blurred prop textures if you are using FSX SP2 or later.  Sounds are OK as is through P3D. 

Compatibility of scenery, etc varies; ask at my forum in case someone has already tested it.


Do you need help with installation?  How do I get my plane listed properly in the Select Aircraft menu?  How do I get ATC to call my plane using the correct airline, manufacturer, and model?  Take a look here first.

Note: Some of the file downloads are located in the AVSIM and file libraries. You need to be logged in to their file systems before the links will work directly.

Are You Just Starting Out Flying Propliners?

First, some instructions on using this site.
1.  If no text link is provided, click the picture to download it.
2.  The main page links are at the top of this page, alongside the "post card".  Information on the left side, downloads on the right.

Here is a checklist of things you might want to do to maximize your enjoyment.

1.  Download and read the FSAviator Propliner Tutorial.  It will give you most of what you need to know about flying propliners.
2,  If you are using FSX or P3D, read the FSX Propliner Tutorial.  This will give you instructions on setting up the views.
3.  Download and install any propliner  Base Packs.  They are listed on my Aircraft Page.
4.  Download and install any other airline liveries to the Base Packs.  Follow the text files included in the Base Packs to add these textures.  Do NOT install complete aircraft when adding to a Base Pack, only add the textures to the Base Pack.
5.  Download and install any desired classic airport scenery packages from my Scenery Page.  Don't forget to add these as a layer in the Scenery Library.  The correct layering of the scenery layers can be found at the top of my Scenery Page.
6.  If you installed any classic airport sceneries, download and install the FS2004 Custom Scenery Library (files 1 and 2).at the top of my Scenery Page.  If you are installing into FSX, also install the FSX version after installing the FS2004 files.  If installing into P3D, download and install the libraries for P3D.
7.  If you want worldwide classic AI traffic, download files 1-10 (at least) from my AI Aircraft Page and install them.  Follow the instructions in the traffic file download to allow the use of modern traffic when you desire.
8.  If you have any problems, head to my Forum.  Register and post a question there.  Propliner questions should be posted to the main Discussion Forum.  If you are interested, keep up with the latest developments right there in the forum.

Hope you enjoy flying the propliners!

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Jets are for kids!

Instructions for many problems and how to install aircraft, panels, and sounds here.

Hi!  I'm Tom Gibson, and I hope you enjoy my page.  If you have any questions, don't forget to check the Instructions first!!  You can contact me and get many questions answered by  leaving a message at the California Classic Forum.  

 My other interests include railroads (especially Alco diesels and the WP)..  Drop by again - soon!  

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