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Last updated on July 15, 2013

Classic Airliner Flight Simulator Sites:

Classic Propliner Forum Come and chat at the Classic Forum.  Lots of propliner talk.
60's Airline Antiques Dave Jones' site with photos, memorabilia, and more.
Retro AI Kris Crook's page with lots of classic AI flight plans.
VintageAir Designed for those who wish to fly in a VA or with others in the Vintage era.
Classic British FS Great spot for everything British.
Classic Navigation Peter Cokely's spot for all the vintage navigation techniques.
Aerial Navigation Charles Wood's page about how to fly NDB's and lots more,
Dutch Airliners Thomas Diderich's page with planes in Dutch liveries, old and modern.
The DC-3 Hangar Trev Morson's (Mr. DC-3) page about all things Dakota! A great DC-3 forum too.
The Old Hangar Tom Constantine's forum about vintage flying - lots of great vintage classics.

Looking for modern or military airliners?  Here's where to get the FS jets:

Historic Jetliners Group A great group dedicated to recreating the classic old jetliners in FS.

Here's all the info about real airliners:

Airline Fleets A great site that lists almost all US airliners (including the Classics) with N-number, msn, plane names, and dates in service. Great for getting that painting information.
Vintage Airliners Forum Discussion about real propliners, modern and Classic
Timetable Images This great site has many complete classic timetables available for viewing. Gallery Hundreds of propliner photos.
Zoggavia Propliners Lots of propliner photos.
AirTeam Propliners Even more propliner photos.
The Airchive This site has route maps, timetable covers, and more.
Flight Manuals Use the search to find C-54 (DC-4), C-118A (DC-6A), and KC-97G manuals.
Ruud's Classic Airliners Ruud Leeuw's page about propliner survivors and info.
Prestwick Portraits Wonderful photos of Prestwick in its prime.
Abandoned Airfields A great site with lots of abandoned and little known US airfields, including aerial photos, diagrams, and more! Includes airports like Denver Stapleton, etc.
Old Terminals Wonderful place with lots of info on the old airline terminals (archive).
Century of Aviation A nice pictorial history of Airliners, with some statistics.
DC-3 Museum The DC-3 Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the DC-3.
Pima Air & Space Museum One of the best collections in the country. They've got a Connie, DC-7B, and VC-118A.
Yahoo Propliners A Yahoo group devoted to propliners.
The Whistle Pig Gary Orlando's site all about the Fairchild Hiller FH-227.
B-377 Stratocruiser A wonderful site with lots about the Strat and the golden age of air travel.
CL-44 Page Olafur Sigurdsson's page about the big cargo machine.
PSA History Page Kevin Trinkle's fantastic PSA page - lot's of old photos and info.
Pacific Airlines Portfolio A site with ex-employee recollections and memorabilia about California's own Local Service Airline.
Hughes AirWest Tom Bailey's site about the Flying Banana. Especially for ex-employees.
Bonanza Air Lines All about the Las Vegas based Local Service Airline..
Air California A site of pictures and all things AC.
Transocean Air Lines A great page for a fondly remembered airline.
Frontier Airlines The page for the airline of the Rockies.
Capital Airlines Some wonderful Capital memorabilia and photos.
Ozark Airlines The midwestern airline of the three swallows.
Central Airlines The page for the airline that served the heartland of America.
Pan Am Clippers This page has some unbelievable Clipper photos and info.
Pan Am Heritage A nice site with lots about Pan American.
Braniff International A page devoted to the airline that dared to compete with Pan Am in South America.
Piedmont Airlines All devoted to the airline of the Pacemakers.
Trans-Texas Airlines The original Texas airline.
Mackey Airlines A site devoted to the ex-employees of this fine airline.
Flying Tigers Page The history and pilot's association for the airline that carried everything.
Vintage European Airlines Neat page about some classic (vintage) airlines.
Airliners Alaska Lots of Propliner photos in a modern setting. Lots of airliner photos - handy for painting.
Airline Orphans A site that links to many old airline sites. Reunion schedules too.
European Airliner Photos Kurt and Carola Blaesing-Bangert's page with shots from Rhein-Main in the classic days.
Tallmantz Aviation A site all about the defunct Southern California aviation museum, and stunt flying.
Black Sheep Sqdn Andy Downs' site for everything C-47 - the T-shirts are great, and part will be donated to the WWII Memorial fund.
Aircraft Engine H.S. A historical society that includes lots of info about radial engines. Check out the Stories and Essays.
FlightLevel350 Videos Some great propliner videos here.
Avion Video They have videos of Air Atlantique's DC-6's and Electras, and propliner action in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.
Just Planes Video They make a very nice DC-3 video, along with lot's of others.
APVW Propliner Videos Europe-based company with videos of Alaska, South America, and more.

Groups restoring the Classic Airliners - let's support them:

Museum Aircraft Locator Great place to find those planes on display.
Historical Flight Foundation They have restored the last DC-7B with a passenger interior. Join now.
Airline History Museum The famous Kansas City-based organization (previously Save-A-Connie) that has a great TWA 1049G, M404, and DC-3.
Prop-Liners of America They are restoring a CV-240, with more restorations planned - help Bill Bradshaw do it.
Bonanza F-27 They are looking for someone to restore an F-27 cockpit.
Berlin Airlift Hist. Foundation They have a DC-4 in service, and a C-97 coming.
Mid Atlantic Air Museum They are restoring a R4D (DC-3) - help Bill Rambow by buying their R4D CD, complete with aircraft by Jan Visser.
Super Const. Flying Assoc. A group in Europe restoring a Super Connie.
Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa is restoring the last operable L-1649A Starliner.

Great Flight-sim Links

AVSIM A very good file library - and all the latest news too. Great spot for everything flight-sim. They have older files in their file library. A spot for all the latest in flight-sim addons.
Simviation Covers both civil and military sims.
Fly Away Simulation Nicely organized and has great information on many FS topics.
Freeflight Design Shop Great Aircraft Design Forum A great place to find those non-US aircraft, but it's all here too.
MSFS Gateway Hundreds of FS Links.
Sim-Outhouse A great flight sim site with a military slant.
Smilin' Jacks Aviation Directory Need to find an aviation link?  Here are 100's.
Airport and Navaid Information Need airport or NAVAid info?   Here's your page.

Virtual Airlines that have significant numbers of Classic Airliners

Historic Airline GroupLots of propliners here.
Bluegrass Airlines An airline that includes a DC-6B, L-749, CV-440, and DC-3.
DC-3 Airways Charles Wood has started a VA devoted to the Gooney Bird.
Colonial Pacific Flying propliners in the Canadian North.
Red Mountain Air Based in Phoenix and flying Connies.
Noble Air Noble Air has many propliners available.
FSVintageAir Fly with American and Pan American.
Tradewinds Carribean TCA now has a DC-7CF, and more are coming.

Some Personal Pages

The Cal Classic Alco Page My page on Alco Diesels (those are railroad locomotives).
San Diego State University A great university home page.
San Diego Model RR Museum One of the best model RR clubs in the country.
City of San Diego Home Page San Diego City government info.

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