Classic AI Airliners, GA, and Traffic

Classic AI Airliner Traffic for FS2004

Over 1000 aircraft worldwide!

See below for classic GA, Helicopter, and MATS Traffic!

By Tom Gibson and Mike Stevens

Pictured: LAX in 1959. These files include a complete classic AI environment for FS2004 - just install the files and they will start flying their routes!  Includes accurate flights from vintage timetables for most of the world (coded by Tom Gibson, Jason Krogmann, Manuel Jagmann, Bill Towers, Nikko Yaginuma, Richard Wright, Frederick Coleman, Dave Jones, Paul Haak, Marty Lochmiller, Ake Lindberg, and Harland Sandberg. Richard Wright provided many timetable scans; Gary Harper provided some too. Other scans provided by  Also includes flights from FSAviator's notes and other sources as well as charter and freight airlines. Mike Stevens painted over half of the planes himself and adapted most of the rest of the textures - thanks a lot!! Easy to install. AI aircraft include night lighting and airstairs. Timetable traffic typically has 3 digit (or fewer) flight numbers; accurate but not scheduled traffic (charter, freight, etc.) typically has 4 digit flight numbers

Minor Update on 2/7/17.  Added several new airlines and new liveries.  See the text files in file #9 for details.

Warning! These files are highly compressed. If you install the Basic Package (files 1 through 10), it will require aproximately 2900 MB of disk space.

Red indicates new aircraft in the minor update (2/7/17). HQ indicates a High Quality Model (optional, livery downloads required)

AI File One  Contains the Boeing B307 and B377 HQ, Douglas DC-3 and DC-4 (18 MB).  Required Updated on 2/7/17
AI File Two  Contains the Douglas DC-6 HQ, DC-6B HQ, DC-7 HQ, and DC-7C HQ (19 MB).  Required. Updated on 2/9/17
AI File Three  Contains Russian/Soviet aircraft (Antonov An-2 and An-10, Lisunov Li-2, Ilyushin IL-14, IL-18, Tupelov TU-114, Aero 145 and LET L-200) (39 MB). Required. Updated on 2/12/16
AI File Four Contains Convair-Liners (CV-240 HQ, CV-340 HQ, CV-440 HQ, and CV-580), Martin 202 and 404, turboprops (Lockheed L-188, Fokker/Fairchild F-27 HQ), Lockheed L-10 Electra, Curtiss C-46, Breguet Deux Ponts, Broussard, Piper PA-28, Dornier Do-27 and Do-28, Nord Noratlas, and Beechcraft 18, Bonanza, and Baron, Stearman, and Queen Air (27 MB). Required. Updated on 2/7/17
AI File Five Contains British aircraft (Bristol B-170, DeHavilland Dragon Rapide, Dove and Heron, Percival Pembroke, Aviation Traders Carvair, Avro 748, Airspeed Ambassador) (25 MB). Required. Updated on 2/7/17
AI File Six Contains British/Commonwealth aircraft (Vickers Viking, Viscount HQ and Vanguard, Canadair North Star and CL-44, Avro York, Bristol Britannia, Scottish Twin Pioneer, Shorts Sandringham, DeHavilland Canada Beaver and Otter, and the Handley Page Hermes) and the SAAB Scandia (24 MB). Required. Updated on 2/7/17
AI File Seven Contains Lockheed Constellations (L-049 HQ, L-749 HQ, L-1049 HQ, L-1649A HQ), and watercraft Grumman Albatross, Mallard, and Goose, Consolidated PBY, and Sikorsky VS-44. Updated on 2/12/16
AI File Eight Contains Boeing jets (367-80, 707-120, -120B, -138, -138B, -320, -320B, 720, and 720B), Douglas DC-8 and DC-8-52, Convair 880 and 990, Sud Est Caravelle, DeHavilland Comet, Lockheed Jetstar, and the Tupolev Tu-104 (24 MB). Required if you want to see jet aircraft. Updated on 2/12/16

AI File Nine Contains the Traffic Files to provide the flights that the AI Aircraft will fly (17 MB). These files have been modified to use all the classic airports, including Denver Stapleton (XDEN) instead of Denver International, Hong Kong Kai Tak (VHHX) instead of Chek Lap Kok, Munich Riem instead of International, etc. (17MB) Required. Updated on 4/22/17

AI File Ten Contains AFCAD files that have backdated parking (the planes make a terminal turn), runway and taxiway markings, and other improvements. Certain airports also contain backdated airport layouts, and newer terminals and runways have been removed. Airports recently constructed have been removed from FS. These files are added to the CalClassic Core scenery layer to make them easy to turn on and off. Also includes Franciso Molo's SAEZ (Buenos Aires Ezeiza), KRS1 (old Rochester), and EG9E (Nutt's Corner) and old Los Angeles Grand Central airport. The rest do not contain new terminal buildings or extra airport details often found in actual scenery packages. Required. Updated on 11/30/13

AI File Eleven Contains AI Sound Effects. These effects will provide the tire "chirp" upon touchdown and also play a reverse thrust sound for those aircraft that had reverse. It also contains the standard AI idle sounds that I use for my classic propliner AI, in case you would like to try them. Optional. Last updated on 1/17/10!

AI File Twelve Contains Editvoicepack import files from Mike Stevens and myself, to give you virtually all the phrases required for all the new liveries and planes! (0.25 MB)  Warning!  The file changes the name of the KSAC airport to Sacramento (from Executive), KJFK to Idlewild (from Kennedy), etc.   Do not import these airports if you don't want this to happen.  You need to download and install EditVoicePack 3 first before you can import the phrases (File/Import).  Make sure you do the web update too to get all the phrases. Optional. Updated on 11/30/13

AI File Thirteen Contains Miscellaneous AI Aircraft never or only rarely used in the supplied Traffic Files (VC-118, CV-600/640)(0.6 MB). Not Needed. Updated on 7/8/14 (CV-600 model updated)

Aircraft Included:

I have not identified all of the painters of some of these schemes - please let me know if you painted anything not credited.  The credits for the original planes are in the plane's folders - I have made significant changes/improvements to almost all of them. The credits for the liveries are in each of the texture folders. Red indicates new aircraft/liveries in the last major release.

Aircraft Number of Airline Liveries Notes
Airspeed Ambassador Five 5
Antonov AN-10 Ukraine One 18
Antonov AN-2 Eighteen (three new) 19
Aviation Traders Carvair Five 25
Avro York Six 29
Avro 748 Two (one new) 20
Beechcraft Baron (new) Two (two new) 37
Boeing B307 Stratoliner Six 4,
Boeing B377 Stratocruiser HQ Eight 2, 33
Boeing B707-120 Seven 21
Boeing B707-120B Three 21
Boeing B707-138 One 21
Boeing B707-138B One 21
Boeing B707-320 Fourteen 21
Boeing B707-320B One 21
Boeing B720 Six 21
Boeing B720B Ten 21
Breguet 763 Deux Ponts Two 32
Bristol B-170 Freighter Eighteen 28
Bristol Britannia Nineteen 8
Canadair DC-4m Twelve 1
Canadair CL-44 Three 8
Consolidated PBY Five (one new) 28
Convair CV-240 HQ Twenty Three (one new) 3, 33
Convair CV-340 HQ Twenty Four (one new) 3, 33
Convair CV-440 HQ Thirty Two 3, 33
Convair CV-580 Two (two new) 13
Convair CV-600 One 14, 15, 16
Convair CV-640 One 14, 16
Convair 880 Nine 21
Convair 990 Five (one new) 22
Curtiss C-46 Commando Sixty One (five new) 4
DeHavilland Dragon Rapide Seventeen (one new) 31
DeHavilland Dove Twenty (six new) 21
DeHavilland Heron Fourty (three new) 20
DeHavilland Comet Fifteen (three new) 21
DeHavilland Canada Beaver One 26
Dornier Do-27 (new) Four (four new) 26
Dornier Do-28 (new) One (one new) 38
Douglas DC-3 Two Hundred Twenty (twenty seven new) 7
Douglas DC-4 One Hundred Eighteen (eight new) 1
Douglas DC-6 HQ Thirty Two (four new) 1, 33
Douglas DC-6B HQ

Ninety Three (six new)

1, 33
Douglas DC-7 HQ Eighteen (two new) 1, 33
Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas HQ Thirty (one new) 1, 33
Douglas DC-8 Nineteen 21
Douglas DC-8-52 Nine 21
Fokker/Fairchild F-27 HQ Twenty Seven (one new) 6, 34
Grumman Goose Five 17
Grumman Albatross Two 28
Handley Page Hermes Eight 5
Ilyushin IL-14 (new models) Thirty One (eleven new) 11
Ilyushin IL-18

Twenty (five new)

LET Aero 145 Ten (eight new) 26
LET L-200 (new) Three (three new) 39
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) ( new model) Fourteen (seven new) 7
Lockheed L-10 Electra Five (four new) 17
Lockheed L749 (L049) Constellation HQ Thirty Six (six new) 4, 36
Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation HQ

Forty Six (two new)

4, 35
Lockheed L1649A Starliner HQ Eight (two new) 4, 35
Lockheed L-188 Electra Eighteen 10
Martin 202 Six 3
Martin 404 Eight 3
Percival Pembroke One 29
SAAB Scandia Two 30
Scottish Twin Pioneer Five (three new) 28
Shorts Sandringham Six 30
Sikorsky VS-44 One 27
Sud Est Caravelle Sixteen (one new) 21
Tupelov TU-104 Three 23
Tupelov TU-114 One 9
Vickers Viking Thirty Three 24
Vickers Viscount HQ Sixty One 4, 40
Vickers Vanguard Two 4
Total Aircraft: Seventy Two Liveries: One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Eight!!!
One Hundred Thirty Six New!!!

1) Original aircraft by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas
2) Original aircraft and paint by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina.
3) Original aircraft by Tom Gibson, Dee Waldron, and Dave McQueen
4) Original aircraft by Dave McQueen, modified by Tom Gibson
5) Original aircraft by George Hauzenberger; textures used by permission.
6) Original Aircraft by Tom Gibson and Rob Bennis
7) Original Aircraft by JAI, used with permission. Base textures by Jan Visser and Mark Beaumont, used with permission.
8) Original Aircraft by George A. Vega, adapted for Mike Stone's texture map by Tom Gibson, textures used by permission of Mike Stone and Tony Madge.
9) Aircraft by Mehlin Rainer
10) Original Aircraft by Kevin Trinkle
11) Aircraft by Jager.
12) Aircraft by Pavel Hvatkin.
13)  Original aircraft by Frank Safranek, Kevin Trinkle, Dee Waldron, and Tom Gibson
14)  The CV-600 and 640 not included in the AI traffic.  Included here for those who may wish to use them.
15)  Painted in 1974 Texas International paint by Sheppard Avery.
16) Original aircraft by Tom Gibson, Dee Waldron, Frank Safranek, Harry Follas, and Dave McQueen
17) Original aircraft by Bill Lyons, used with permission
18) Aircraft by Dimitri Samborski , painted by Dimitri Samborski and Andrei Maslov
19) Aircraft by Tim Conrad
20) Aircraft by Dee Waldron
21) Original aircraft by Dee Waldon, modified by Tom Gibson
22) Convair 880 by Dee Waldron, converted to 990 by Tom Gibson
23) Aircraft by Anton Nikolaev, Dmitry Dobronravin
24) Original aircraft by Rick Piper, converted to AI by Tom Gibson
25) Aircraft by John Walton
26) Aircraft by Mike Cronin
27) Original aircraft by George Diemer
28) Aircraft by Mike Stone, used with permission
29) Aircraft by Manfred Jahn
30) Aircraft by Jens Kristensen
31) Original aircraft by Dave Garwood
32) Original aircraft by Barney Bigard
33) Original HQ aircraft by Greg Pepper
34) Original HQ aircraft by Mike Stone
35) Original HQ aircrafty by Manfred Jahn
36) Original HQ aircrafty by Volker Bohme and Manfred Jahn
37) Aircraft by Klaus Brosemann
38) Aircraft by Anthony Konstantinidis
39) Aircraft by Pavel Toman
40) Original HQ aircraft by Rick Piper, AI mods by Jaap de Baare

Classic GA Traffic for FS2004

Noel Sivertson has created GA traffic for over 200 California airports! He also has a plane doing touch and goes at most airports. We have also included a default GA traffic file for the rest of the world, using the classic GA aircraft. His file uses detailed GMAX aircraft from Milton and others, and may be hard on frame rates in crowded areas (like LA) unless you have a powerful computer. Thus I have modified his file to use more frame rate friendly classic GA aircraft. Please note that many of the aircraft themselves are not included - they are to be downloaded separately. Filenames and download locations are given to make this easy, along with a few AI modifications (included). (While is often listed, most of these planes are also available at AVSIM).

Updated on 10/15/08 to remove almost all GA traffic from the Soviet Bloc, China, and other communist countries.

Classic GA Traffic using detailed aircraft (5 MB) Updated on 11/29/11.
Classic GA Traffic using frame rate friendly aircraft (5 MB) Updated on 2/7/16.

Classic Seaplane Traffic also available! Noel has also created scenery and traffic for 11 Northern California Seaplane bases! Last updated on 10/5/08.

Classic Helicopter Airline Traffic for FS2004

Back in the classic era, several airlines utilizing helicopters were in operation, and Sabena had a helicopter operation of their own. This has now been recreated for FS! Designed to be used with the AI Propliner Traffic packages (above) and the CA59/62 scenery (from the Scenery page), this package will add helicopter traffic to your 1957, 1959, and 1962 AI traffic. Seen above is LAX in 1962, with LA Airways Sikorsky S-61's lined up for their morning departures to Disneyland and other heliports. Jason Krogmann coded some of the schedules, and I did the rest. Updated on 2/12/16!

Harry Biard has also created the incredibly detailed Sabena heliports - you'll want to see every one of them! Now with completely updated Paris and Brussels City heliports!

Airlines included:

LA Airways (S-55 in 1957 and 59, S-61 in 1962)
SFO Airlines (S-62 in 1962 only)
Chicago Helicopter Airways (S-58)
New York Airways (V-44 in 1957 and 59, V-107 in 1962)
Sabena (S-58)

Sikorsky S-55 by Marinha do Brasil - Project FAB Veteranos, LA Airways livery by Randy Cain
Sikorsky S-58 by Paul Bradshaw, Chicago Airways livery by Randy Cain, Sabena livery by Joop van Dijk
Sikorsky S-61 by Dave Hardcastle, LA Airways livery by Heather Sherman
Sikorsky S-62 by Nate Rosenstrauch, SFO Airways livery by Tom Gibson
Piasecki V-44 (H-21C) and NY Airways livery by Mick Posch
Vertol 107 by Rory Kelly, NY Airways livery by Randy Cain

Classic MATS Military Traffic for FS2004

Seen above is the lineup at Hickam Field, Honolulu Hawaii - two C-124 Globemasters, a C-97 Stratofreighter, and a big C-133 "Weenie Wagon"!

Latest update includes traffic for Shemya and Attu.

This package by Mike Stevens and myself will do two things - add military parking to many of the MATS bases around the world, and add classic AI traffic to those bases. Note that this will NOT add military traffic other than MATS (Military Air Transport Service) aircraft (i.e. no fighters or bombers). The aircraft included are listed below. You will need to download and install the DEW Line scenery from my Scenery page to see traffic in the far north. You should also import the latest EVP file above (#11) to get the "Air Force" called out. 13 MB. Updated on 1/30/17.

C-46: Original aircraft by Dave McQueen
C-47: Original Aircraft by John Kelley, Marcel Ritzema and Alexander Schmidt
C-54: Original aircraft by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas
C-97: Original aircraft by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina, improvements by Dee Waldron.
C-118A: Original aircraft by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas (HQ model available)
C-121A: Original aircraft by Dave McQueen, modified by Tom Gibson (HQ model available)
C-121C: Original aircraft by Dave McQueen, modified by Tom Gibson (HQ model available)
C-124: Original aircraft by FS-Berlin (improved)
C-130: Original aircraft by Mike Stone NEW!
C-131: Original aircraft by Tom Gibson, Dee Waldron, and Dave McQueen
C-133: Original aircraft by Mike Stone
C-135: Original aircraft by Dee Waldron, modified by Tom Gibson
C-140: Original aircraft by Dee Waldron
EC-121D and WV2: Original aircraft by Dave McQueen, modified by Mike Stevens and Tom Gibson
VC-3: Original aircraft by Tom Gibson, Dee Waldron, and Dave McQueen
VC-137: Original aircraft by Dee Waldron, modified by Tom Gibson
PV2-7: Original aircraft by Geoff Chambers and Jaap de Baare
P-3: Original aircraft by Jake Burrus
U-8F: Oriignal aircraft by Mike Stone

Classic AI for FS2002

Note: some of these files are designed for users that are familiar with the tools required by these files.  These are not designed to be used by beginners.  Files for users not comfortable with these programs are so indicated.  You will be able to have everything except the new spoken airline voices.  New animated versions now available!

AI Propliners

  Aircraft Airline Liveries Notes
- Boeing B377 Stratocruiser Pan American and Northwest 2
- Convair CV-340 United, Frontier, North Central, Mohawk, Allegheny, Hawaiian, Braniff, and Delta 3, 7,8
- Douglas DC-4 Western and PSA 1
- Douglas DC-6 American, United, Delta, and Braniff 1, 8
- Douglas DC-6B American, United, United Cargo, Western, National, Northwest, Northeast, Hawaiian, and Canadian Pacific 1, 9
- Douglas DC-7 American, Continental, United, National, Delta, and Eastern 1, 10
- Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas BOAC, Japan, Mexicana, SAS, Pan American, Northwest, Alitalia, KLM, Sabena, and Swissair 1
- Lockheed L749 Constellation TWA and Braniff 5
- Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation TWA and Trans-Canada 4
- Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation Eastern  (no wing tip tanks) 4
- Lockheed L1649A Starliner TWA 5
- Martin 404 Pacific, TWA, and Southern 3,12
- Fairchild F-27A Pacific, West Coast, Bonanza, Ozark, and Piedmont 6
- Lockheed L-188 Electra American, Braniff, National, Northwest, Western and PSA 11,13
- Vickers 812 Viscount Continental 4

1) Original aircraft by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas
2) Original aircraft by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina
3) Original aircraft by Tom Gibson and Dave McQueen
4) Original aircraft by Dave McQueen
5) Original L1049 by Dave McQueen, Braniff painted by Rudy Stubbs and Kristopher Crook
6) Original Aircraft by Tom Gibson and Rob Bennis
7) North Central painted by Jody Gregg
8) Braniff painted by Kristopher Crook
9) Northeast painted by Guy Caron
10) Eastern painted by Rich Boehringer
11) Original Aircraft by Kevin Trinkle
12) TWA painted by Dave McQueen and Kristopher Crook
13)  American and Braniff painted by Mike Stevens, Northwest painted by Kevin Trinkle and Mike Stevens

I have modified all these airliners for AI use.   They are frame rate friendly, and now feature animated gear, flaps, props, and wheels.  These AI airliners are designed for use with my 1959 CA traffic (below), my 1959 flight plans, or a flightplan editor.  However, you may also just replace the default AI airliners, if you wish.  These are simple to install - anyone who has installed a plane can do it.  They will not show up in the Select Aircraft menu; they are for AI use only.

Each airline's aircraft is set to a different radius, so that if you set that airline's gate's radius (with AFCAD) just slightly larger, then the plane will park there preferentially.

You can set the radius of your aircraft using AI Traffic Mover, available from AVSIM.

United aircraft are set with a radius of  24 meters.  If you set the United gates at an airport at 79 feet, the United planes will park there.
Airline(s) Aircraft Radius Parking Radius
  meters feet
Pacific, Bonanza, and West Coast 19 63
Continental 20


PSA 21 69
Western 22 73
American 23 76
United 24 79
TWA 25 83
BOAC, Japan,Mexicana,SAS, Pan American 26 86

California 1959 AI Traffic and Flight Plans

These are based on real flights taken from vintage timetables and represent over 90% of the traffic to, from and within California (including international flights), although most flights with a stop in California include all other stops, wherever they may be.  There are only default flight plans for the rest of the world, although they will be flown by propliners.  These plans will work best with my CA59 scenery and AFD files, although they are not required.  These plans include the overlay airports 2LAX and 2SFO which allows 2 runways in operation, and you should either use my CA59 AFD/AFCAD files to include them, or you should change these back to KLAX and KSFO using search and replace (flight plan files only).

You can switch between default (modern) and 1959 flight plans by switching traffic.bgl file files in Explorer and restarting FS.

Replacement traffic file.  This file will replace all of your AI flights with accurate California flights, and has default flights in the rest of the USA (flown by propliners); there are few flights in the rest of the world (to keep file size down).  You can use this while flying in the US, and then switch files when you want to fly in the rest of the world.   This file is simple to install, and will automatically use the AI propliners listed above; you will need to install all of them..  Note:  the default plans are not necessarily flown by the correct aircraft, but the aircraft have been generally localized to the correct regions.  (2.3 MB)

Plans designed to replace the default flight plans.  These replace the flights in, to, and from California, and use the default flight plans in other parts of the world (but with propliners doing the flights).  You will need to install all the AI Propliners available above.  Note:  the default plans are not necessarily flown by the correct aircraft, but the aircraft have been generally localized to the correct regions..  (800K)

Plans designed to be added to your custom flight plans.  These are only the plans in, to, and from California.  You will need to provide plans for the rest of the world.  (50K)

AFCAD Taxiway fixes for CA59 for FS2002

Here are my AFCAD files that will alter the taxiway patterns, gates, runways, and other features to make them compatible with my CA59 scenery for FS2002 (above).  KSFO and KLAX feature two runways in operation!  The gate radii have already been set for the correct airline parking (see table above).   You can use either one; you shouldn't use both.

AFD Files.  These are ready to use AFD files; you can just rename the corresponding default files and then copy these files into the folder.  These files are simple to install; you do not need AFCAD for this.  Use these if you have made no changes to your AFD files in the Western US using AFCAD. (550K)

Import Files.  You will need to import them using AFCAD 1.2 (available at AVSIM).  These should be used if you have altered other airports in California using AFCAD.  (80K)


Classic AI WAV Files   (780K)

These files are designed to be used to create a new GVP file using the MS VoicePack SDK (available from the MS web site) and the GVP Decompiler (available at AVSIM).  You will need to know how to decompile and compile a GVP file.


  1. Adds Southwest, Western, Pacific, West Coast, Air West, Bonanza, Braniff, Piedmont, Trans Texas, Canadian Pacific, Trans Canada, Central, Lake Central, North Central, National, Southern, Frontier, Capital, Mohawk, Northeast, and PSA to the airline voices.
  2. Fixes many of the errors in the original GVP file.
  3. Quiets the background chatter.
  4. Adds Visalia, Marysville, and Wake Island to the airport voices.
  5. Allows my 2SFO and 2LAX AFD overlays to be called by their proper names.
  6. Changes a few CA airport names to their older equivalent.
  7. Removes the female voices not typical in the 50's and 60's.

FSTraffic Propliners for FS2000 and FS98

I have prepared a few aircraft for your FST propliner fleet.  These feature transparent prop circles.  Enjoy!

American CV-240
Western CV-240
United CV-340
California Central M202
Pacific M404
Pacific F-27
West Coast F-27
American DC-6B
United DC-6B
Western DC-6B
PSA L-188 Electra
Western L-188 Electra

Static Propliners

FS98, FS2000, FS2002, or FS2004 Static Planes

Just download M98 to BGL, a program that let's you put your favorite FS98/FS2000 plane(s) at any airport.  Watch your frame rate if you add too many! A tutorial is also available.

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