Airliner Sounds

These are generally large files.

FS2004/FS2002/FSX Sounds

Allison Turboprop Sounds

My Allison sounds are already included in the Convair 580 Base Pack download.

Bill Schulz has put together these sounds for the 580 and for the L-188 Electras (works for all FS2004/FS2002 versions).  Thanks so much! Download the Update too.

Dart Turboprop Sounds

Download this YS-11 from the Allied FS Group and use the sound found here - they work great for all Dart powered aircraft.

Radial Engine "Prop Sound"

These sounds are a mix of sounds from Reinhard Herrmann, with startup and shutdown sounds I've recorded.  Designed for the FSX/FS2004/FS2002 ConvairLiners and DC-6's. These are monophonic sounds - for stereo sounds download any plane that contains them (CV-240, CV-340, M404, DC-6B). Also available as DC-7 sounds (in the DC-7 download). Last updated on 5/10/10.

DC-6 Sounds

High quality stereo sounds from Jon Jefferys. The best I've heard so far. Now version 2. Updated 10/11/2013

My R-2800 sound package is already included in the UAL DC-6B Base Pack download.

Jens Borgstroem has a fix for Mike Hambly's FS98 DC-6 sounds to make them work in FS2004/FS2002.

DC-6 Sounds

Diego Barreto has modified my PropSounds with fine results!

R-3350 DC-7 Sounds

High quality stereo sounds from Jon Jefferys. The best I've heard so far. Updated 10/30/2013

My R-3350 sound package is already included in the UAL DC-7 Base Pack download.

Try these great sounds from Diego Barreto!

R-3350 Connie/Starliner Sounds

Diego has created sounds for the Lockheeds too!

R-3350 Connie/Starliner Sounds #2

Friedrich Trachsel has created these sounds from the SCFA "Breitling" Super Connie!

FS2000 Sounds

DC-3 Sounds

Trev Morson has created these super DC-3 sounds!  Get from ( Last updated on 7/16/00

F-27 Sounds

Rob Bennis has taken various F-27 sounds files and created a real Dart sound package!  Get from ( Last updated 3/5/00.

Stratocruiser Sounds

Dave also has these B377 Strat sounds in his B377's!  Last updated on 3/3/02.

DC-4 Sounds and Connie Sounds

Get from Do a search for Herrmann and/or Hambly.

FS98 Sounds

DC-3 Sounds - Bigbird

Pete Campbell produced these sounds, and they're deep and throaty!  I use these for R3350 powered propliners (DC-7's and Connies). Get from (

DC-3 Sounds

Mike Hambly has produced these DC-3 sounds from recordings of the real thing! Get from (  Last updated on 10/10/98 and 10/17/99.

DC-3 Sounds

Andre Kemner has produced these great sounds! Get from ( Last updated on 10/2/99.

DC-4 Sounds

Bernd Drefahl started with actual Swissair DC-4 sound files, and ended up with some great sounding prop files.  Check out the external taxi sound - amazing! Get from (

DC-6 Sounds

Mike Hambly has produced this package - it has great "in the cockpit" ambience!  Thanks again, Mike!  Get from ( Last updated on 12/5/99.

Connie Sounds

Hans-Peter Christeler has produced these sounds from actual recordings of the MATS L-749 Connie.  They sound great!  Get from (  Last updated on 10/10/98.

Connie Sounds

Bernd Drefahl has produced these sounds from recordings of the MATS Connie, and also sound great! Get from (  Last updated on 12/6/98.

Allison/Electra Sounds

Mike has another great sound package, this one for the P-3 Orion.  Identical to the L-188 Electra, these will make a fine sound package for the Electra. Get from (  Last updated on 4/24/99.  A fix by Rhett Browning:  Add the following after the [JET ENGINE] line in the SOUND.CFG file:


YS-11 Dart Sounds

Ryuji Ozawa has developed these nice sounds, now updated to 3.0 on 8/22/98  Get from (  3.0 patch available as of 10/10/98.   (

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