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Hi!  This page will be a source of information on US Alco diesels.  Welcome! 

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Featured Vintage Alco Photos

Dave Willoughby took this great shot of San Diegans #77 and 78 meeting at San Diego.  Thanks!

Here is the Alco demonstrator at Sagola, MN on the MILW, marching up Sagola Hill at 5 mph.  Don MacLaughlin (a GE guy) is looking for wheel slips, but the unit is doing just fine, thank you!  A  wonderful shot taken by Bill Battle.  Thanks!

Previous images are available in the Photo Gallery

I photographed these Alcos on two of the many trips I took around the country in the 70's and 80's. Captions and more pictures in the Photo Gallery!

How do you describe the 4 cycles of an Alco engine?          Suck  -  Squeeze  -  Bang  -  Blow  !!!

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Alco Information from the AlcoHauler Home Page

Alco Century Roster                           Details of the Alco Centuries, model by model (my work in progress).

251-Powered Alcos (pre-Century)     Those Alcos just before the Centuries (also needs help!).

Alco Photo Gallery

Photos of Alco diesels I've taken, as well as photos I've found on the Internet.

[Anyone have Alco diesel picture files that they would like to see listed?  Send me the URL!]

***The AlcoHauler Museum and Tourist RR Alco Locator

Here's where you can find out where to see and ride the old Alco's!  If you have any others, please let me know!

Alcohauler Links

Other Alco-related resources

ALCO Forum John Stewart at has given us our own web forum!  Post the latest local Alco news, ask questions, or just let us know about your lastest Alco encounter!
Canadian Alco/MLWs John Reay's great page on the Alcos of Canada.
Alco Notebook A nice collection of Alco photos and info from John Mech
Alco Alert Page John Mech's page about Alco news in the Northeast
Alcoman Train Page A nice collection of Alco info.
Craig's Alco Page Craig Rutherford's page of Alcos photos
Sam Berliner's Alco Page Sam's page has an interesting mix of info
The Diesel Shop Alcos All kinds of Alco info.
Alco Rosters The Diesel Shop listing of the Alco units produced.
Preserved Alcos The Diesel Shop listing of preserved Alcos.
Alco Demonstrators The Diesel Shop listing of demonstrators and test beds.
Alco Diesel Data Sheets The Diesel Shop data sheets for almost all Alcos
M&H Chapter NRHS The Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of the NRHS has a large collection of Alco builder photos available for sale, and other Alco info.
The Railroad Net John Stewart is featuring articles about Alco's from the BLFE magazine from the 40's and 50's, Alco's role during WWII, and photos of Alco's of several RR's.
The Green Bay Route Mark Mathu's page about one of the last all-Alco roads, now gone.
Arkansas & Missouri The Alco-filled A&M has their own web page - neat!
Riding the Last Alcos All about the last runs of the Cartier Alcos
Exotic Diesel Locos Brian Holt's page about cab units, including FA's and PA's
Fallen Flags Page Alco images and operators manuals by George Elwood.
Diesel Shop Craig's site with lots of early power, including Alco's.
The Yard Limit Mark Laundry has all kinds of Alco (and other) switchers.
The Railfan Network There are several Alco photos in the archive, and lots of other RR info.
The RR Paintshop A page with Alco drawings that you can use to paint, by Joshua Moldover
Alco World  Rolf Stumpf's excellent page on Alco's of the world.
Alcos in USA and Beyond Andy Inserra's web page about all things Alco.
Indian Alco Page Great Alco photos by Apurva Bahadur
Alco's of Australia Peter Cokley's very nice page on Alco's down under.
Alco's from Argentina Argentinian Alco images from Roberto Yommi, including RSD16's and RSD35's.

Other railroad information

Model Train Magazine Index A wonderful resource!
San Diego Model Railroad Museum  The best model railroads in the country, including the 
La Mesa Model RR Club's Tehachapi exhibit (my club!)
Northern California RR Page Good rosters of Western RR's with Alco's listed, by John Barnhill.
The Railroad Pages Ken Rattenne's page about Central California
Central California Rails Nice Central CA page by David Epling
Trainorders Todd Clark's page with Rail Cam and lots of other RR stuff.
Webville and Hypertext Rail Co. Beautifully done and very complete
NMRA Directory of WW Rail Sites A good list of RR info on the Web.
Amtrak Home Page A source for Amtrak info (see Cyberspace for more).
Family Tree of N.A. RR's A fascinating history of Fallen flags in tree format.

Some personal pages

The California Classic Airliner Page A source of classic propliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator/Flight Shop 
(only useful if you have MSFS).
San Diego State University A great university home page.
City of San Diego Home Page San Diego City government info.

Hi!  I'm Tom Gibson, and I hope you enjoy the AlcoHauler Home Page.  Please e-mail me about info, pictures, or if you just want to talk about Alcos!  My other interests are the Santa Fe (rest in peace), the Western Pacific, the N-C-O (Nevada California Oregon Ry.), model railroading, flight simulation, computers, fly fishing, and Modoc county (far northeastern California).  You can reach me by e-mail. My address is despammed - remove the first t from the address!! Thanks.

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