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My Photos

These were taken during several trips across the country in the 70's and 80's with my railfan friend Lee Hower.  Hope you like them!

Alco Switchers and RS1's                 S2, S3, RS1

Alco 244-Powered RS/RSD's            RS2, RS3, RSD4, RSD5

Alco 251-Powered RS/RSD's            RS11, RS27, RS32, RS36, RSD12, RSD15

Alco Centuries                                  C415, C424, C628, C630, DH643

Thomas Anderson's Alco Photos

Thomas Anderson, who was a Service Engineer with Alco (1952-1969), has offered to share his old Alco company photos that he obtained back then.   Thanks!

SP Alco PA-1 crossing the Benicia Bridge in the SF Bay Area.

Alco RS-2 being placed on its trucks at Schenectady.

Alco RS-11 in demonstration service.

Alco RS-11 demos along with SP&S RS-3's at Wishram.

Alco RS-11 demos on the NP.

RS-11 Demonstrators on the Milwaukee Road

D&H RS-2 in an idyllic setting.

RSD-15 Demonstrators out west.

Bill Battle's Vintage Alco Photos

Bill was another engineer at Alco during the early years and has some great old photos.  Thanks Bill!

DL-600  Demonstrator on the road.
RSD-4 Demonstrator at Channing, MN
RSD-4 Demonstrator at Channing, MN
Pacifico RSD-5 at delivery  (Bill Battle)
Alco RSD-4 Demonstrator 1606 while on a run on the MILW to Green Bay, taken at Crivity, Wisconsin.  This image was taken by Bill Battle (with a Zeiss Ikon camera borrowed from a German Officer in WWII!), who was an Alco Field Engineering Manager at the time.
Alco RSD-4 Demostrator 1606 at Coleman, on the same run to Green Bay, around 1953.  The locomotive on the passenger train is a Fairbanks Morse Erie-Built, quite a rare bird in it's own right!  It was probably on train # 21, the Chippewa Hiawatha, which ran from Milwaukee to Ontonagon, Michigan.  The train even featured a parlor/cafe car.

Other Vintage Alco Photos

DL-600  Demonstrator - another view (Burns Collection of the New York State Museum via Tim Truscott)

John Reay's Canadian Alco/MLW Page CP and CN M630's and M636's, Cartier M636 87, BCR C630M 703,
CN FPA4 6788, and even an Ontario Northland RS3 at night!
Clint Chamberlin's Photo Archive and Rail Page A truly great resource for pictures of all types of diesels, with
dozens of Alcos.  Thanks!
GBW Diesels Ed Gross' page with lots of GBW Alcos!
Alcos in Michigan Ed also has a page with Michigan Alcos!
WP&Y Photo Page WP&Y Alco shots from Craig Palmer's page!
The CNW Page Erich Russ has a lot of neat CNW Alco photos here!
Jerry's Rail Photo Album   Jerry Appleman has some great shots from the 60's!
The Railroad Net Alco Photos Includes:  Battenkill RS3, Mohawk, Adirondak & Northern C425,
Depew, Lancaster & Western RS11, Delaware-Lackawanna
M636, RS36, and C425
, NY&LE C425, Ontario Midland R36,
Buffalo Southern C420 and RS11, and South Buffalo S2.  
Falls River RR has Alco's, and Ontario Central has RS36's too.
NYLE Photo Page NYLE shots including a C425, FPA4, and S2!
Leatherstocking Rwy. Historical Society Peter Finch has over 60 shots of Alcos!
Rich Clark's Railroad Photo Page Here is a nice photo library of Rail subjects.  You'll find Alco's
in the BN and D&H sections!
Brian Switzer's Rail Photography CP, CN, and OS Alcos here!
David Epling's ST&E Photos The Stockton, Terminal and Eastern in Central California is a
haven for Alco switchers in the West!
Alco 251's in the Conrail Cyclopedia
Alco Centuries
Conrail had the widest variety of any Alco operator, inherited
from most of it's merger partners.  Bob Waller has 'em here!
Arkansas & Missouri Alco Photos Allen Rueter's page with lots of A&M photos!
Daves Train Photos David Hunt's page, with Iowa Interstate and Pioneer Ind. Ry Alcos (look in the Other section)
Canadian Locomotives Jonny Barnsdorf's page with CP and CN locomotives!
Amtrak RS-3 Photo Page Lots of good RS-3 shots!
Arnie's Alco Photos Do a search for    alco   and you'll find lots of photos, from Arnie Morscher!
Alcos Around the World Lots of photos here!

Other Alco Diesel Photos on the Web

Here are some other photos found on the Internet.  Thanks for all those sharing these great pictures!

Chehalis Western C415 684   Now owned by the city of Tacoma.

Conn. Central S-4 35         Jon Lewis has this one captured.

LA&L C424m's            Four ex-Guilford C424'ms are now in New York.

LI RS3 1556                 The Railroad Museum of Long Island is restoring it to service!

BN RS11 4181               BN RS11 with a "Tyco" caboose.

BRC C424  603             Belt Railway of Chicago's C424's are used in transfer service.

CP C636M 4503           Taken at St. Joseph, MO.

CP M636 4704              Taken at Bangor, MI.

D&H 16                          PA1's rolling the Adirondack.

D&H 505                        Nice Shot of RS3u's and a C420 rolling through wooded countryside.

EL Locomotives              Choose from PA, RS3's or aC425 from the EL Historical Society.

MT RS3 200                   Minnesota Transfer RS3 at Illinois Railway Museum.

Monon C420's               Choose from shots of Monon Power.

Monon RS2's                  More Monon pictures (B&W).

M&E C430 17               Morristown and Erie C430 at the Hoboken Festival.

M&E C430 16               Morristown and Erie C430 under repair at the Morristown Shops.

NV FPA4 71                  Sparkling clean Napa Valley Wine Train FPA4.

N&W RS11 315             B&W shot of N&W RS11 in coal country.

N&W RS11 386             String of RS11's on the head of a train.

SP RS32 4000                Two RS32's ready to leave the Oakland yard.

CN RS18 1786               A rare RS18 on A1A trucks (an RSC-14)!  Mark Lanctot has more trains there too.

Dow Chem. S6 1001      Ex-SP S6 1246, now in Canada.

CP C424 4223                In operation until recently!

[Anyone have Alco diesel picture files that they would like to see listed here?  Send me the URL!]

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