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Classic Era Charts

Please Note: These charts are from many years ago, and often the magnetic variance and navaids have changed. Since FS2004 and FSX model the magnetic variance and navaids from the modern day, these charts may not be usable, or will need to be modified to allow use in FS. Here are my Imgur Albums of Classic Era Charts. Some are from courtesy of Chic Eather and scanned by John Hewson. KMDW charts from 1950 courtesy of Alan Courtney. Most of the rest I scanned myself.

John Hewson has also set up a Flickr account with many charts available; search for his user name jwhshd.

Links to free (modern) aeronautical charts.

These links were provided by FSAviator - thanks!

Charts (Aeronautical Information Publications = AIP) from real world regulatory authorities will be current whilst those from FS community resources will be historic and no longer valid for real world use. However all these links point at real not 'invented' AIPs.

Sites with current data often require the user to assent to conditions of use. Links are to the relevant page where assent must be given. Broken links when seeking AIP are often due to bypassing the user licence agreement. These tend to change URL and/or position in the page hierarchy. Before reporting broken links please back track to main menu page of relevant web sites.


*Sectional and Terminal Area Maps*

For USA sectional maps search the File Library for: Matt Fox Sectional Pack
For high resolution sectional maps search the File Library for: Matt Fox Sectional
For high resolution terminal maps search the File Library for: Matt Fox Terminal

FS resource. United States charts only. These are mostly relevant to those who wish to practice pioneer era navigation by reference to aviation maps and the FS scenery. Excellent resource for those with a second monitor. Allow FS users to practice either simple 2D or full 3D pioneer era en route navigation compliance.

US and Worldwide sectional and enroute charts.


*Departure, Arrival and Approach charts*


FS resource, but links to FS and official sources. Click on yellow arrows at right to download. Some don't work, and many of the links are also listed below. Good place to start..

Links to various country's chart resources. Many dead links etc and many resources pointed to do not provide free charts. Requires effort to tunnel down to available data. Site of last recourse. Always type 'name of nation IAP' or 'name of nation AIP' into Google before bothering with this resource.

An FS community resource with full coverage in some areas and none in others. Always worth checking, but sometimes difficult to search. May require effort to tunnel down to available data, but the best FS chart resource for places not listed below.


Virtual airline resource with good (full?) coverage.

Charts for many airports.

The official resource with much additional text (Spanish) and diagrams of visual circuits etc but no free charts (except enroute). Cartas are maps.


Official resource.


FS chart resource.


Official resource. Cartas are maps.


Official resource.

Central America (Costa Rica, Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, and Panama)

FS Resource

Official resource.


FS Resource. Cartas are maps.


FS Resource


Official resource

European Union

FS Resource

Official resource. Requires registration. Applicants subject to security vetting but site not limited to aviation professionals. EU member states sometimes have a national portal. Easier to be 'vetted' once. Save for France and Norway it is now difficult to obtain current charts for Europe without security vetting. Vatsim is best alternative source for out of date charts but many missing.

France and former French colonies outside Africa

Official resource. No log in required. Ignore menu. Use Quick Access selector in middle of page.

Former French Colonies in Africa

French government resource. No log in required.

Hong Kong

Official resource. The rest of China is payware.


FS resource.


Official resource.


FS resource, Kingston only.


Official resource


Official resource. AD2 Aerodromes are approach plates.


FS resource. Cartas are maps.

NATO Central and Northern Region

A rare (singular?) official military procedure resource with no security
vetting. Select Publications from menu and then on next page choose country/airport of

New Zealand

Official resource.


Official resource or mirror. Norway is not a member of the EU.


Limited FS chart resource.

The official resource with much additional information in English but charts are payware.


Official resource. Other charts available at left.

South Pacific (Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, the Pacific)

Official resource.


Official resource.


FS resource. LTAR only.

United Kingdom

Official resource. Other charts available at left.

United States

There are various other websites that 'portal' this FAA resource. They tend to be slower.


Please report if the URLs above are dead (NOT links from them!) to Tom Gibson at tgibson at sunstroke dot sdsu dot edu. Feel free to propose additional links to sources of free downloadable aeronautical charts which are not e.g. Vatsim or Eurocontrol resources already linked from the pages above.

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