The FSAviator Propliner Tutorial



*If you do not own FS9 you will not be able to fly the self training exercises provided*

The Propliner Tutorial requires use of FS9 by default because FSX Cockpit view imposes gross scenery display errors by design and by default. Many self training exercises in the Propliner Tutorial can only be flown using FS9 VC view together with the additional files provided to impose the required error free scenery display environment. The requirements for realistic Cockpit and VC views are described in the Simulation Control Interface Tutorial.

During everyday use of FSX alternative 2D Cockpit and VC views which deliver realistic scenery projection are possible within FSX, but must be coded aircraft by aircraft, and within all relevant start up flights.

How to add views delivering realistic scenery projection within FSX is described in the FSX Simulation Control Interface Mini-tutorial.


*Nothing in the updated Propliner Tutorial is for use during real world flight*

To the contrary the updated Propliner Tutorial has been created explicitly to explain and illustrate the simplified techniques and the software file content required to work around known deficiencies in desk top flight simulators. Real world aircrew may need to adapt their real world skills and file content accordingly.

Download the Tutorial here.

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