The Grumman Goose

The Goose was one in a long line of Grumman seaplanes, including the Wigeon and Albatross.  The Goose first flew in 1937,  and served in the military as an amphibious transport in WWII.  After the war, several were converted for use as commercial transports, and flew for many years.  One carrier, Catalina Airlines, flew them "26 miles across the sea" to Avalon, a resort on the island.  Many were later upgraded by McKinnon Enterprises and have flown for many more years, most as private transports.

FSAviator's FS2004 Flight Dynamics Update available!

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FS2004 Avalon Airlines Grumman Goose. This is the classic Goose created by Lynn and Bill Lyons. He's painted it into Avalon Airlines colors, along with several others. This file is required for the liveries below. Thanks! Last updated on 1/22/07.

FS2004 Catalina Channel Airlines Grumman Goose. Damian Radice has created these very nice textures to for the Lyons' Goose, in the black and white colors of Catalina Channel Airlines. Textures only; requires the Avalon Goose above. Last updated on 1/22/07.

FS2004 Catalina Seaplanes Grumman Goose. This nice paint job was done by Rip Lichliter. Catalina Seaplanes Geese flew in these colors from 1966-72. Great job! Textures only; requires the Avalon Goose above. Last updated on 1/22/07.

  FS98 Catalina Airlines Grumman Goose.  Harry Follas has repainted Bill Black's Grumman Goose into the colors of Catalina Airlines, which provided fast service from the Los Angeles area to Catalina Island.  Thanks, guys!  Last updated on 6/25/02.  FS5 Version  Last updated on 6/20/98.

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