FS2002 Flight Dynamics

Here are the great flight dynamics that FSAviator has created for the propliners!  You must use a true FS2002 panel with these packages (like the new FS2002 CV-240, CV-340, DC-4, DC-6, and DC-7 panels available here).

Many have already been incorporated into aircraft available here, and the rest can be added to aircraft available elsewhere on the web.  While instructions are included, you should be able to edit the aircraft.cfg file in Notepad to use these files.  If not using the planes listed as the default contact points, you'll need to copy/paste that section from your existing aircraft.cfg file as well.

Many of the files include details on how to create multiple versions of the plane, and details about them.  This information can be found in the aircraft.cfg file, where instructions will describe how to edit that file to create these multiple versions.  For example, the DC-4/C-54 files can be so edited.

Please note that these files (unless links to aircraft pages) do not include aircraft files, only flight dynamics files to update how your existing aircraft flies in FS2002.

Convair (contact points set for the Greg Pepper ConvairLiners)

CV-240 (available in the American CV-240).
CV-340 (CB-16 engines - available in the United CV-340)
CV-440 (CB-16 engines - available at the Cal Classic Forum in the thread announcing the Convair's release).
C-131A (240 with military engines)
C-131F (also use for 440 with CB-17 engines)
CV-580 (available in the Sierra Pacific CV-580)

Douglas (contact points set for the Follas/Gibson DC's)

DC-4 (available in the Western DC-4)
DC-6 (early)
DC-6 (domestic - available in the United DC-6)
DC-6 (international)
DC-6A (also use for international DC-6B's with CB-17 engines)
DC-6B (CB-16 engines - available in the United DC-6B)
DC-7 (available in the United DC-7)
DC-7B (no saddle tanks - available in the Continental DC-7B)
DC-7B (with saddle tanks (PAA and SAA))
DC-7C Seven Seas (available in the Pan Am DC-7C)
C-54 (uses the fsberlin contact points)

Fairchild (contact points set for the Gibson/Bennis F-27)

F-27A (also updates the Matthias Lieberecht FS98 F-27 panel for these flight dynamics, download panel separately)

Lockheed (contact points set for Kevin Trinkle's L-188)

L-188 Electra (also updates the Kevin Trinkle FS2002 Electra panel v6 for these flight dynamics, download panel separately)

Martin (contact points set for Dee Waldron's M404)

M404 (CB-16 engines - TWA order)
M404 (CB-3 engines - Eastern order)

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